Our Story

SNJ is a manufacturer
for medical and aesthetic device.

We started to sell our first product as CO2 laser system in 1998.
We had focused on CO2 laser system to be with the best performance based on quality pulse technology for last 24 years. And SNJ is known as a No. 1 company for CO2 laser system in Korea.
Since 2014, we have developed other types of laser systems. Now we are selling diode laser, Nd:YAG laser, and Bi-HIFU system. Also we added some necessary devices such as smoke evacuator and air cooling device for laser treatments.
We have good relationships with global partners who are selling all of our products in each country. And we are getting many clinical feedbacks from Korean and overseas key doctors.
Based on these good resources and networks, we will provide new medical and aesthetic solutions to the world with our laser systems by doing more clinical studies and better technical researches.
SNJ is small but finally we will become a strong company on global markets in 2020s with our quality laser technology and long manufacturing experiences.