Dr.Lucent - Intensive Skin Care Solution
The Prestige Whitening Mask

4 years
to Development

The Story of Dr. Lucent

When we used number of existing cosmetic products, our satisfaction was below
expectation. Many clinical doctors could not treat melasma and pigmentation
of skin effectively with many cosmetics because many products contain improper
and few active ingredients.

None of the products showed the specific effect that doctors desired, even some
of the people who manufacture and develop cosmetics without knowing what effect
certain ingredients have to make up for the unsatisfactory disadvantages.

So we tried to find effective whitening validated ingredients that their effectiveness
have been proven by medical reports.

With Laser Treatment

  • It works better with other Whitening and Ablative Fractional Laser treatments.
  • Lucent Mask has the effect of whitening the skin by controlling melanocytes
    that produce skin spots and pigment.
  • In addition, We thought that our products should be made of the safest ingredient on skin.

Dr. Lucnet 7 Main Ingredients

Ingredient of Dr. Lucent

Main Ingredient

Functional whitening components
Provide a stable brightening effect

Tranexamic Acid + Niacinamide

Korean Male / 40-Year

Clinic Use of Dr. Lucent with Tranexamic Acid

Relieve Rosacea's erythema, Papules and Pustulosis

After Q-Switched & Long-Pulsed Laser Treatment

Clinical Use of Dr. Lucent

Brightening Treatment Program

Use of Nd:YAG Laser Treatment for Melasma

After Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Clinical Use of Dr. Lucent

Korean Male / 34-Year

PIH Prevention after CO2 Fractional
Laser Treatment

Dr. Lucent contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid
for scars treatment and improvement of elasticity after CO2
Fractional Laser procedure. Recommended to use it for
several days, even if there is concern about PIH.

With Ionzyme

Clinical Use of Dr. Lucent

To infiltrate the patient's skin for about 10-30 minutes
after aggressive facial laser treatment.

Homecare Use of Dr. Lucent

After cleansing, spread the mask sheet carefully
and cover the face.
Then take the mask sheet off after about 10~20 minutes.
Dab essence on the face and body lightly and massage
until completely absorbed for better efficacy.