High-Performance Skincare System

The genuine skin balance which is
completed with 7 techniques
of combination
The laser treatment helps skin cells recover and generates proteins like
collagen, elastin, etc. by micro stimulation on the skin.
However, if the skin retreats with a laser before the protein is in a fully
regenerated condition, the skin barrier will collapse so the skin is easily
changed to sensitive skin. With the periodic este7 care, the moisture
fully penetrates deep into the dermis and accelerates skin regeneration.


Strong Output Power 1MHz Ultrasound

Exceptional Strong Output Power 1MHz Ultrasound targets the hypodermis which is located at a 30~45mm depth and increases the skin’s elasticity.

Do you have concerns because of sagging skin
immediately after HIFU or other Iifting treatments?
It is time to start tightening the hypodermis layer with este7

If you are reluctant to be treated with another brand’s ionzyme clips because of a burning problem whenever it directly touches your skin.

  • You can be treated without concern with the este7 complete insulated ionzyme clips.
  • The clips are our own design which can be conveniently used to increase the patient’s safety.
  • Please calm the skin with -10° cryo therapy after the stimulating treatment.
  • You can treat the entire face with the big-sized cryo head more quickly and effectively.
  • When you apply calming gel and activate the electroporation simultaneously, you can maximize the skin’s sedation and revitaliza tion effect.

Fully Fill Your Skin with Moisture with Sonophoresis!

The lipid bilayer is split with 1 million times per second ultrasound vibration
and highly concentrated moisture essence is completely filled in through this
split gap. Therefore, it moisturizes the skin and revitalizes the damaged dermis
through the care of several devices.

Is it Possible to have light and Unblemished skin
by taking Vitamin C?

If you do laser toning expecting light and unblemished skin, add este7 Vitamin C care!
Iontophoresis “-” pole directly pushes the ionized Vitamin C deep into the dermis.

Intensive Vitamin C Care- Ion


“Brightening, high-functionality, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory”
This is a solution that can quickly show the antioxidant effect with 30% ascorbic acid and a highly soluble activator prescription.

Calming Gel

“Skin-calming moisturizing effect, anti-inflammatory action”
Beta-carotene and 2% or more of active ingredients, which are excellent for soothing, are prescribed, so it quickly soothes the skin and has good moisturizing power.

Complete Hydrating and Calming CareUltrasound

Active Serum

“Brightening high-functionality anti-inflam-matory skin soothing”
It is a brightening solution that makes the skin transparent without causing irritation with a prescription of 5% niacinamide.

Moisturizing Gel

“High moisturizing effect, skin soothing and anti-inflammatory action”
More than 2% of active ingredients with excellent moisturizing power and hyaluronic acid are prescribed to provide moisture and make the skin clear and transparent.


This is a product that provides elasticity and wrinkle improvement mainly through a highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

Intensive Brightening Care+,- Ion


Tranexamic acid and niacinamide, which are specialized brightening ingredients, as well as a high concentration of hyaluronic acid help skin recovery.
It inhibits tyrosinase of the melanocytes and treats melasma by inhibiting the mechanism of melanosome secretion into keratinocyte.

Product Specification

Product Name este 7
Power Consumption 100VA
Rated Voltage AC 220V, 60Hz
Main Unit 380(W) X 340(L) X 310(H) mm / 5kg
Cart 400(W) X 380(L) X 780(H) mm / 12kg