Finebeam Qplus

Finebeam Qplus

Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser

Higher Peak Power
More Precise Beam
Longer Lasting System
Finebeam Qplus is a more advanced Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser system
with 4 different functions such as 1064 Single, PDP, Non-Q and 532 Single.
The system is equipped with an articulated arm for more advanced Q-Switched mode.
It includes 7 special coated reflectors for higher peak power.
Higher Peak Power
Dual Chamber of Laser Head in the Resonator for High Peak Power as 300MW with Short Pulse Duration
More Precise Beam
More Focused Laser Delivery with Max. 10mm Beam Size for Less Pain and Better Effect
Longer Lasting System
Articulated Arm with 7 Coated Reflectors based on Advanced Power Technology for Quality Pulse of High Energy

Product Description

1064nm & 532nm Wavelength

Laser Tissue Absorption Spectrum & Energy Penetration_Laser Wavelength

Q-Switched mode

1064 Single / 1064 PDP / 1064 NON-Q / 532 Single

Clinical Study


Damaging the dermis without damaging the epidermis

The Laser-induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB) effect creates a fine bubble deep into the dermis layer without injury on the skin surface, leading to skin regeneration in the dermis layer.

It helps with scar regeneration, pore size improvement, and skin tone improvement.

It's a biological result that's been done in human skin tissue


1064 & 532 Zoom Collimation
1064 DOE QSW
1064 Zoom MLA QSW
650nm Ruby
595nm Gold

Treatment Procedure

Soft Peeling

Face Cleansing
Applying carbon cream
Laser treatments

(Repeat procedure 3 to 5passes)

Cooling Face Down

Treatment Effects

Melasma & PIH Improvement
Nevus of Ota & ABNOM Removal
Soft Peeling
Tattoos Removal
Skin Rejuvenation
Vascular Vain Treatment
Freckle, Lentigines, Cafe-au-lait Spot, Becker's-Nevus, Age spot Improvement

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 1064nm / 532nm Cooling System Water to Air Heat Exchanger
System Dual Nd:YAG Laser Electrical 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Mode QSW (Q-Switched) Dimension 320(W) x 850(L) x 800(H) mm
Pulse Duration QSW < 10ns Weight 75kg (Max. Weight 80kg)
Pulse Energy QSW Single 1064nm Max. 1.6J
QSW 1064nm PDP Max. 2.2J
QSW 1064nm Non-Q Max. 3.5J
QSW Single 532nm Max. 0.5J
Spot Size Zoom 1064nm 2~10mm / 532nm 1~7mm
Collimator 1064 8 mm (Optional)
Fractional 1064 5x5㎡ (Optional)
Frequency 1~10 Hz