All-in-One CO2 Laser

Higher Peak Power
Smaller Beam Size
Easier Operating System
Finexel is an advanced fractional CO2 laser system with 2 different modes such as fractional and CO2 surgical with each handpiece set. It deliveries the finest beam size into the skin for better effects and faster recovery. That is why the product name is Finexel.
Higher Peak Power
Less Thermal Damage and Faster Recovery based on Quality Ultra-Pulse Technology
Smaller Beam Size
More Focused Laser Delivery with 0.25mm & 0.5mm Spot Size for Less Pain and Better Effect
Easier Operating System
Only 3 Seconds to Use the Laser with Sophisticated User Interface Design on 8 Inch Touch Screen

Product Description

10600nm Wavelength

Laser Tissue Absorption Spectrum & Energy Penetration_Laser Wavelength


FRX Fractional
CO2 Surgical


Fractional H/P
Surgical H/P
(50, 100mm)

Treatment Effects

Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation
Scar Improvement
Skin Whitening & Lifting
Pore Tightening
Soft Peeling
Fine Wrinkle Improvement
Pigment Lesions Improvement
Mole, Wart, Corn Removal
Hemostasis, Coagulation, Evaporation
Incision & Excision

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 10,600nm Ultra-Pulse Duration 0.1~1.7ms
Mode Continuous Wave / Ultra-Pulse Electrical 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Max. Power 30W / 40W / 50W / 60W / 70W Dimension 270(W) x 250(L) x 1000(H) mm
Ultra-Pulse Frequency 10~990Hz Weight 35kg (Max. 45kg)