808nm Diode Laser

Higher Peak Power
Stronger Contact Cooling
Smart Sensing System
For Your Hairless Life
Selriah means ‘Hairless’ when you read it reversely.
It is an advanced diode laser system as 808nm wavelength with high power modules.
The laser system is based on high-quality pulse technology with smart integrated cooling system for less pain.
Higher Peak Power
Max. 120J/㎠ for Energy with 12x11mm as Spot Size for More Effective Treatments
Stronger Contact Cooling
Down to -5°C with Sapphire Cooling for Less Pain by Quality Chiller System
Smart Sensing System
Integrated Checking Mode for Easy Operation & Maintenance with Various Sensors

Product Description

808nm Wavelength

Laser Tissue Absorption Spectrum & Energy Penetration_Laser Wavelength

800~810nm Diode Laser gives better effects for hair removal by penetrating the skin more deeply than Alexandrite, Ruby Laser, and IPL.
It makes less damage on skin tissues targeting melanin so that it is a safer treatment than others.

Dual Mode


Clinical Study

Higher Peak Power! Better Effect!

808nm diode laser module is the best wavelength especially for hair removal based on high-quality pulse technology.

80W Diode Module : Best Efficiency (x8)
120J/㎠ : Maximum Energy
10Hz : Maximum Frequency

Strong Cooling System
Less Pain!


Sapphire Cooling Handpiece

connected to quality chiller system for sustainable operation and safe treatment

12x11mm Beam Size
Faster Treatment!

12x11mm Beam Size

It is convenient for repetitive treatments in a short period of time for all the skin types with max.
10Hz on frequency.

Treatment Procedure

Hair Removal

Checking the thickness of the hair, skin color
Applying ultrasound gel
Laser Treatments
Soothing care

Treatment Effects

Hair Removal
Skin Lifting & Tightening
Acne Scar Improvement

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 808nm Fluence Up to 120J/㎠ (Pulse Duration : Up to 450ms)
Laser Type High Power CW Laser Diode Cooling Down to -5'C (Sapphire Contact Cooling)
Laser Power Max. 640W Electrical 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Spot Size 12x11mm Dimension 320(W) x 450(L) x 1050(H) mm
Frequency 1~10Hz Weight 60kg